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What is Life Coaching?

Are you frustrated with some part of your life?  Do you want to reassess and start over, but don’t know where to begin?  Do you want to seek more happiness, compassion, and peace in your life?  Are you ready to conquer fears or make a drastic or scary change?

Life Coaching is an amazing co-created process that is built between client and coach to address some or all of these issues.  My coaching is done over the phone, but some coaches may offer in person sessions if that is preferred.

In large part, life coaching is about figuring out where you are in life and where you want to be – but for many people this is too big of a question to even start to answer.  Coaching helps to guide the client through a series of questions and deep reflection to get the client to their core desires, their very real fears, and any barriers that might be standing in their way.  Coaching then also helps the client take the next step of figuring out what attainable actions are a good fit for them and if there is any resistance to these actions.

Life coaching is different than a traditional therapy session in that therapy tends to largely focus on the client’s past  while life coaching focuses on the future and moving the client forward in their life.

Just like hiring any professional, you should shop around before choosing a life coach. A coach is someone that you will be working very closely with and so it is key to find someone that you feel comfortable with, at ease with, and trust implicitly.   It is also important to feel like your personalities click and you are comfortable with them and their communication style.

Seeing results from life coaching happens when you are ready to make changes in your life and ready to devote attention to doing the work that comes up in the co-created relationship.